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4 Star Accommodation
Killarney, Co Kerry, Ireland.
 +353 64 6632810
 What makes it special is Kathleen's brand of effortless hospitality which engulfs you as soon as you set foot inside 
- Fodor's Exploring Ireland

Kathleen and her staff epitomize the genuine, refreshing hospitality of the Irish and Kerry County in the most affable and commodious of surroundings. The Country House is immaculate, charming, bright, and comfortable in every aspect. The services provided by Kathleen and the staff extend far beyond the norm - the guests' desires and plans are accommodated with alacrity and utmost competence.


The charm of this B&B lies in its combination of attentiveness to the individual, the grace and interest of its owner, the comfort of its accommodations, and the eagerness to assist the guests in every possible way. We thoroughly enjoyed our first visit in 2003 and found the same splendid reception and hospitality to abound just two weeks ago. I most highly recommend a stay with Kathleen and her courteous and helpful crew should one wish to enjoy the Irish experience to the fullest. Killarney and Kerry County are Kathleen country!


Author: Trip Advisor Member - Escondida, California, USA